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Breed(s): Poodle

My husband Philip and I got our first poodle in 2014, and discovered something completely new -- a creature unlike any dog either of us had ever known. Mr. Johnny was an intelligent, sociable, and playful puppy who at 13 weeks, moved in and fit right in with us humans and our young male cat, Gus, immediately. He stole the show and became the entertainment for us all, being more like having a good natured young child than a dog. Even as he grew to his current weight of approximately 75 pounds (a little heavy from the extra momma food around) and 27 inches at the shoulder; and quickly began to demonstrate the athleticism of an Olympian; jumping over anything in his way, or just for fun; a great swimmer who leaps right in, and able to run like a race horse; he maintains a gentle, and affectionate manner with all creatures, great and small. He sometimes dances through this herd of nine puppies when they are on an excursion, and is able the avoid stepping on a single one, no matter how hard they try to get squished. We have learned to trust him. He will lay himself down and let the pups climb on him, and will cradle them with his head or challenge them a bit with his paws. His youthful playfulness requires calling down from time to time, but he is responsive and can adjust to whatever the situation calls for. And of course, he is a stud. He learns super fast, but it seems that he was born already knowing many things. His breeding is apparent in the way he moves and in the way he carries himself in all modes. Though untrained and a puppy, he acted as though he had been taught to sit up straight and hold his head proudly, and walk or trot with a fine gait and elegant posture, as if he was born to be shown off, but more like total confidence than show. He quickly made us understand why this breed is so well loved. The idea of passing on his truly amazing qualities through breeding was a natural consequence of living with this fellow who showed us how satisfying and entertaining having an animal companion of this caliber can be. We have always had pets, often pure breds – often multiple dogs and cats at a minimum - but this fellow was truly something new. Even now Johnny and Gus will wrestle on the floor, mock biting and throwing padded jabs with paws; Johnny always careful not to harm his much smaller friend, and Gus still loving his giant little brother. And so I began a search for a mate. Lilly quickly adapted to her new home, and to Mr. Johnny's affectionate play. She seems to be of a bit smaller stock than Johnny's Dam, with a tiny waist (Lilly is 24 inches at the shoulder) and is gentle, intelligent and affectionate. She has been such a good mother to these pups, and now back to her playful romping self. She is a good sport , and surprisingly, she can outrun Johnny in a short run, and pulls some great fakes to avoid being caught. They play hard, and love air conditioning and hanging out with people. These are sensitive creatures who read tone, mood, and body language better than most humans. They learn almost too well, and if you are not careful they will be training you. But they are lovers, and easy to love . We believe that these puppies are likely to increasingly be great prizes in terms of beauty, and personality, and we have tried to establish friendships with those who have made our puppies their own (because we very much care where they go) and we expect to be able to post reports and photos of the members of this first litter as they are received, and particularly as these pups reach one year of age. It feels great to know that all of these puppies who we love are going to be living in the homes of good people who we know will love and cherish them -- our postpuppypartem depression will be short lived. We do plan for another litter from Johnny and Lilly this time next year. If you like what you see here, please check back with us. We will not take any reservations prior to knowing we have a litter on the way, but if you leave your name and number with a request to be contacted when that happens, we will do our best to respond to those requests in the order in which they are received. Thanks for your interest in poodles and in our poodles. I have yet to hear of a disappointed poodle owner.

Kennel Name: Winifred Clarke

Breeder Name: Winifred Clarke

Breeding for: 2 years.

Breeder's Location: Morehead City, NC 28557

Contact By Phone: 252-342-0238

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