Breeder: Texas Hill Country Vizsla

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Breeder Info: Texas Hill Country Vizsla

Breed(s): Vizsla

Texas Hill Country Vizsla ****Next Litter Planned for Oct/ Nov 2017 with pic-up Dec 2017/ Jan 2018*** to be added to the contact list you must contact me through the AKC WEB portal***** Located just outside of Johnson City Texas on an 18 acre horse ranch that is dedicated to the breeding and training of Vizsla. In addition the ranch supports a horse breeding training and boarding business along with a dog training and kenneling facility.************************  The Breed originated in Hungary to work as a pointer and retriever, the Vizsla dog breed has an aristocratic bearing.   The first written reference to Vizsla dog breed has been recorded in the Illustrated Vienna Chronicle prepared on order of King Lajos the Great (Louis the Great King of Hungary, Croatia, and Poland) by the Carmelite Friars in 1357. Companion dogs of the early warlords and barons, Vizsla blood was preserved pure for centuries by the land-owning aristocracy who guarded them jealously and continued to develop the hunting ability of these "yellow-pointers". Records of letters and writings show the high esteem in which the Vizsla was held. The Vizsla survived the Turkish occupation (1526–1696), the Hungarian Revolution (1848–49), World War I, World War II and the Soviet Period. However, Vizslas faced and survived several near-extinctions in their history, including being overrun by English Pointers and German Shorthair Pointers in the 1800s and again to near-extinction after World War II. During the 1950s a careful search of Hungary and a poll of Hungarian sportsmen revealed only about a dozen Vizslas of the true type still alive in the country. From that minimum stock, the breed rose to prominence once again. *********** The Vizsla was bred to work in field, forest and water. Agile and energetic, this is a versatile dog of power, drive and endurance in the field yet a tractable and affectionate companion in the home. The requisite instincts and abilities to maintain a "dual dog" are always to be fostered and appreciated, never deprecated. This breed is often described as the "Velcro Vizsla." Most dogs are affectionate, but this medium-size hunting dog is especially attached to his people. All he really wants, though, is to be loved. He's a super companion for an active family who can provide him with the exercise and attention he craves. ****Next Litter Planned for Oct/ Nov 2017 with pic-up Dec 2017/ Jan 2018*** to be added to the contact list you must contact me through the AKC WEB portal*****

Kennel Name: Texas Hill Country Vizsla

Breeder Name: Barr McMann

Breeding for: 4 years.


Breeder's Location: Austin, TX 78730

Contact By Phone: 5128078028

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I provide AKC individual dog registration applications to the puppy buyer.


I am a member of an AKC Parent Club.


I am a member of an AKC Specialty Club.


The applicable health screens have been performed on the sire and dam as recommended by the Parent Club for this breed.


I will provide a written bill of sale detailing responsibilities for the buyer and the seller.


If the puppy buyer cannot keep a puppy purchased from me, I will take the puppy back under all conditions.


I will provide the puppy buyer with information about socialization, exercise, training, feeding, immunizations, proper veterinary care, and responsible dog ownership.


I provide a health guarantee for the puppies I sell.


I have been breeding for: 1-5 years

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