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Breeder Info: La Brise

Breed(s): Great Pyrenees, Pyrenean Shepherd

     America's #1 breeder of Pyrenean Shepherds for dog sports, show and great pets with excellent health, type, temperament, athleticism and working ability.       La Brise was founded in 1977 by Patricia Princehouse (then in grade school) and her parents, Joe and Fran, and initially had show, performance and LGD Great Pyrenees -which we continue to the present day. In 1983, Patricia began importing the foundation stock for the Pyrenean Shepherd directly from the Pyrenees Mountains in France to establish the breed's only true bloodline in N Am, to which we occasionally add carefully chosen and extensively health-screened imports from Europe's top bloodlines and working herders from the mountains. She visits France at least once a year, and occasionally other countries and the FCI world agility championship, to keep abreast of important developments in the breed abroad. Patricia has been honored by the French parent club with lifetime "member d'honneur" status -the only foreigner ever to have received this rare recognition.       Since our start in 1983, our small breeding program has had unparalleled success. Producing on average just 7 puppies a year, our Pyr Sheps have won well over 1000 breed and performance titles -including 75 AKC champions and 40 MACHs, plus titlists in everything from herding, tracking, agility and obedience to flyball, dock-diving, weight pull, disc dog, tricks, freestyle, coursing and more, two dozen Group-placing dogs -most of them amateur/owner-handled to their wins, all 6 Pyr Sheps ever to have won AKC Group Firsts, and the only BIS Pyr Shep. We have won 20 National Specialty BISS (Rough-Faced and Smooth-Faced BV/BISS), and had the #1 Pyr Shep in the country every year since AKC recognition, and the only Pyr Sheps to be top 20 in the Herding Group.        In agility our dogs are second to none. We are the only breeder in the world to have produced 4 World Team dogs, one of whom won 2 Gold Medals and best overall (midi) at the 2011 FCI World Championship. Among other achievements, our dogs have won 3 AKC agility nationals, 4 ANC-Eukanuba championships, the Westminster master agility championship, and 8 USDAA cynosport championships.       Our many "just a pet" dogs are owned by wonderful people who know how to get the most out of a Pyr Shep as a great companion. Many of these dogs are athletic and enjoy hiking, running and a host of outdoor sports as well as indoor conviviality. A number have been therapy and/or service dogs (medical alert).       At La Brise, all our dogs are pets first and share our home with us. Many retire from showing or other sports and live here their whole lives. Since many of our Pyr Sheps live to 16-18, others retire at age 3 or 4 to live out their remaining years as happy companions. All our puppies are raised in the house with extensive socialization to people, other dogs and livestock. 

Kennel Name: La Brise

Breeder Name: Patricia Princehouse

Breeding for: 40 years.

Website: PYRS.NET

Breeder's Location: Chardon, OH 44024

Contact By Phone: (440) 478-5292

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