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Breed Traits
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  • Personality: Friendly, fearless, alert, obedient
  • Energy Level: Very Active; Weimaraners are athletic dogs of speed and endurance—an ideal runner’s companion
  • Good with Children: Yes
  • Good with other Dogs: With Supervision
  • Shedding: Seasonal
  • Grooming: Occasional
  • Trainability: Eager To Please
  • Height: 25-27 inches (male), 23-25 inches (female)
  • Weight: 70-90 pounds (male), 55-75 pounds (female)
  • Life Expectancy: 10-13 years
  • Barking Level: Barks When Necessary
Breed Description
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With his distinctive silvery coat, light eyes and graceful carriage, there's not a more handsome dog than the Weimaraner. And looks aren't everything. Weimaraner puppies grow up to be intelligent, trainable and affectionate. Bred to hunt, they have great speed and endurance and thrive on lots of activity. He'll be your best running partner or teammate in a vigorous game of Frisbee. Next to exercise, the Weimaraner loves his people best and wants nothing more than to be a beloved family member.

History & Job
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Origin: Germany

Year Recognized: 1943

Breed History & Job Description: The Weimaraner (WY-mah-rah-ner) was named for the German town of Weimar, where noblemen developed the breed as a hunter of big game, like bears and wolves. As Europe’s population of these predators decreased, the Weimaraner found new work as an all-purpose hunter who points and retrieves game birds. Today’s Weimaraners retain their ancestors’ versatility and eagerness to work. They make excellent teammates in all kinds of dog sports and activities.

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Weimaraners are generally a healthy breed. Like all breeds there may be some health issues, like hip dysplasia. A small percentage of puppies have a genetic predisposition to overreacting to vaccines. The symptoms are fever, joint soreness and swelling. Bloat can occur in adult dogs and is a life-threatening emergency. Symptoms include distended abdomen, unproductive vomiting and distress. Some dogs may be faced with these health challenges in their lives, but the majority of Weimaraners are healthy dogs.

Read the Official Breed Club Health Statement.


Recommended Health Tests from the National Breed Club:

  • Hip Evaluation
  • Ophthalmologist Evaluation
  • Thyroid Evaluation
Breed Club
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  • Breed Club: Weimaraner Club of America
  • Breed Club Link: http://weimaranerclubofamerica.org/
  • Breed Standard: View
  • Group: Sporting
  • 2016 Popularity: 34
  • Breed Referral Contact: Billie Thompson - 513-688-0943
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  • Breed Club Rescue: Weimaraner Club of America
  • Breed Club Rescue Email: Rebecca Weimer, wffrescue@aol.com
  • Breed Club Rescue Phone: (618) 236-1466
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