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Breed Traits
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  • Personality: Friendly and family oriented; bright enough to have a mind of their own
  • Energy Level: Very Active; Alert, eager, and born ready: a terrier through and through
  • Good with Children: Yes
  • Good with other Dogs: With Supervision
  • Shedding: Seasonal
  • Grooming: Occasional
  • Trainability: Responds Well
  • Life Expectancy: 12-15 years
  • Barking Level: Likes To Be Vocal
Breed Description
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The Smooth Fox terrier is an energetic playmate, watchdog and entertaining companion. Only about 15 inches tall, this independent, plucky breed is adaptable to most living conditions but does best with a fenced yard. Your Smooth Fox Terrier puppy is terrier through and through and his prey drive will send him after small critters and other adventures. He's also a digger, so owners should train him early to be respectful of lawn and garden. Well-trained and socialized, he'll find a place in your heart for life.

History & Job
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Origin: England

Year Recognized: 1885

Breed History & Job Description: Foxhunting in its traditional form is now banned in England, but for generations it was the passion of the British gentry. A full-dress foxhunt, with all its pageantry and ritual, was an arresting sight: dozens of hunters and horses, huge packs of hounds, and tenacious fox terriers, all thundering across the vast, rolling estates of the very rich. The terriers rode in saddlebags and were released when the fox went underground. After terriers routed the fox, the horses and hounds would resume the chase.

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Smooth Fox Terriers are generally a healthy breed. Like all breeds there may be some health issues, like cardiac disease and patellar luxation. Some dogs may be faced with these health challenges in their lives, but the majority of Fox Terriers are healthy dogs.


Recommended Health Test from the National Breed Club:


  • Patella Evaluation
  • Cardiac Exam
Breed Club
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  • Breed Club: American Fox Terrier Club
  • Breed Club Link: http://www.aftc.org/
  • Breed Standard: View
  • Group: Terrier
  • 2016 Popularity: 124
  • Breed Referral Contact: Winifred Stout - 800-259-7277
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  • Breed Club Rescue Email: AFTCRescue@AFTC.org Winnie Stout
  • Breed Club Rescue Phone: 1 800 FOX TERR
  • Breed Club Rescue Link: www.aftc.org/adopt.aspx
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