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Breed Traits
  • Personality: Eager, courageous, friendly, and faithful
  • Energy Level: Very Active; Lively and athletic, Finkies love running, romping, and exploring
  • Good with Children: Yes
  • Good with other Dogs: With Supervision
  • Shedding: Seasonal
  • Grooming: Occasional
  • Trainability: Responds Well
  • Height: 17.5-20 inches (male), 15.5-18 inches (female)
  • Weight: 25-33 pounds (male), 20-28 pounds (female)
  • Life Expectancy: 13-15 years
  • Barking Level: Likes To Be Vocal
Breed Description
It's hard to find a more beautiful dog than the Finnish Spitz, with his dense golden red coat and lively fox-like expression. This athletic, sociable dog is a playful companion and enjoys active time with his family. Still used as a hunting dog in his native Finland, he may have a tendency to wander, so a fenced yard is important. Your Finnish Spitz puppy will grow up to be a devoted family dog, upbeat, playful and protective of his family.
History & Job

Origin: Finland

Year Recognized: 1991

Breed History & Job Description: It is assumed that when migrants from central Russia arrived in what is now Finland some 3,000 years ago, they brought their spitz-type dogs with them. For centuries these forerunners of modern Finkies were employed as all-purpose hunters of mammals and game birds. Finkies have a unique bird-dogging style. Their acute nose leads them to treed birds. Finkies then mesmerize the bird with their distinctive “yodeling” (rapid-fire barking) and slow tail-wagging, freezing the game in place until their rifle-toting human arrives.


Finnish Spitz are generally a healthy breed. Like all breeds there may be some health issues, like hip dysplasia and eye disease. Some dogs may be faced with these health challenges in their lives, but the majority of Finnish Spitz are healthy dogs.

Recommended Health Test from the National Breed Club:

  • No recommended health tests
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