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we try to provide wonderful companion Buhunds, that will be an integral part of a family, and a best friend for life. intelligent, healthy, active, loving, happy, loyal, sound temperament. Buhunds make fantastic partners for those wanting a deep bond, affectionate, dedicated relationship with their cherished pet. Buhunds are easy to train, want to please their humans, great with kids, elderly, disabled, those in need of care, attention, support. we sometimes have puppies or adults available, and do basic obedience and command training, so they are ready to focus and learn new activites. they love activities such as agility, ball fetch, and other sports with human interaction. email general info about Buhunds - Norwegian Buhund has long been a partner to people, not only traveling with the Vikings but also serving as a multipurpose farm dog. Like all Spitz breeds, he is characterized by prick ears; a foxy face; a thick, off-standing coat; and a tail that curls tightly over his back. He is a medium-size dog, weighing 26 to 40 pounds. The compact but sturdy Buhund is an alert and energetic chatterbox, communicating with his people through yips, chortles, barks, trills, and yodels. Confident and lively, he will alert you to anyone approaching the home and patrol the yard in big circles, reminiscent of his past as a herding dog. The Buhund is active and needs plenty of daily exercise to keep him from becoming destructive or noisy in an attempt to entertain himself. He enjoys being the center of attention but is independent enough that he can be alone during the day while his family is at work or school. This intelligent and highly trainable dog responds well to positive reinforcement techniques such as play, praise, and food rewards. Keep training sessions short and fun, so he doesn’t get bored. For exercise, take him on long walks or spend time throwing a ball or flying disc for him to chase. He performs well in dog sports such as agility, obedience, and rally, and some have been trained as assistance dogs. A people-loving dog like the Buhund needs to live in the house. It’s an unhappy Buhund who has little or no human companionship.

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Kennel Name: Norwegian Buhunds

Breeder Name: Jotunn Norwegian Buhunds

Breeding for: 8 years.


Breeder's Location: Sammamish, WA 98074

Contact By Phone: 4252810864

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