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Breeder Info: Lynda Mehrer

Breed(s): Labrador Retriever

Lynda Mehrer is from Washington and breeds Labrador Retrievers. An update, August 10, 2016 Hi To All Who Have A Puppy, I want to thank each and every one of you and your families for making a home for one of Cocoa and Reo's puppies.  Each puppy was picked with love by you, with confidence in me and what I know about labs.  That right there says a lot for me, I appreciate that so very much.  As all that I ever wanted to do was raise nice labs.  I did not grow up with labs, Vern did.  That is when our first lab, Candy, came into our life and family.  Needless to say that is where my love for the Labrador Retriever Breed began 38 years ago.  Now our 39 year old daughter has 2 little daughters and they now have a Lab to grow up with.  Kind of like 'what goes around, comes around.'  Only to be repeated and passed down thru the generations.  Our love for the breed came way before they were the #1 breed in the US, attested to by the 38 years. As I have said, there was a lot of breeding that went into the litters background.   Some may not have been shown, some were pets, but they all have the genetics to get their clearances. Those are so important in ensuring good hips, elbows, eyes and heart, for generations to follow.  There are so many breedings going on and being purchased out there.  People putting all their love into the puppy and possibly coming up with big and costly problems in the not so distant future.  I have done all that I can do, to the best of my ability, to prevent that from happening.  Good quality food, limited exercise when they are growing.  No jumping in and out of trucks or SUV'S, hips and elbows.  Plus limiting the use of stairs as it wears the hips.  Let them take their naps and pet and love them bunches.  They are a pack animal and you are their pack! Keep in touch, it was wonderful meeting each and every one of you and thanks, Lynda Mehrer 509-586-1181 ps. If I didn't tell you, Cocoa's grandfather, was purchased by someone in Thailand for $80,000!   June 5,2016 My families love of Labrador Retrievers began in 1979 when I purchased a yellow girl as a birthday present for my husband. Our daughter named her Candy and she lived up to it from the beginning.   She became a standard to look up to.  We were in Virginia at that time, in the Newport News area, as he was in the Navy.  She would put herself between my 2 year old daughter and the river, while going on walks.  She tried to rescue my 10 year old son from the 18" kiddie pool as he played, pulled him right out.  She took care of us from the beginning.   Then the Navy took us to Nuclear Power Training Facility in the Saratoga, NY area of the Adirondack Mountains.  We spent almost 6 years up there and loved every moment.  We became year around out door lovers and we decided that it was time for another 'lab dog'. A Lake George Labrador kennel had yellow puppies, so off I went 'just to look', yeah right.   Who greeted me at their front door, came home with us that night.  I looked at the puppies but 5 year old Baron had my heart, a big yellow boy.  He would tow the kids around Stewarts Pond in the summer and play on the frozen pond in the winter.  Then Missy came, a black girl, now we have a chocolate filled vanilla oreo cookie. I need to say right now that my 'lab dogs' have always been the English Style Labradors, short, stocky, big square head and fat otter tails.  I have never varied in the style.  That is my story on how our love for the breed came about.  We have had yellows, blacks and now have chocolates, really nice chocolates.  Each puppy has gone on to be gorgeous and talented from Showing, Hunting and Retrieving, Therapy and above all, the Best Family Pets.  Both parents have their clearances, Hips good, Elbows normal, Heart EIC clear, Eyes cerf, Preceding generations, the same.. That is how it all came about for this family.

Kennel Name: Lynda Mehrer

Breeder Name: Lynda Mehrer

Breeding for: 27 years.

Breeder's Location: Kennewick, WA 99337

Contact By Phone: 509-586-1181

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