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Breed(s): German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherds that have been chosen to raise, show, breed, and offer to you as  companions, friends, and protectors, for both the pet / friend home and the working / friend home.  The German Shepherds here are all well balanced mentally and physically.  Colors and patterns include;   black, bi-color/blanket back, blue, brindle, fawn, isabella, liver, panda, sable, solid,  colored patterns as well as both standard / brush and long coats.   24 years of service in providing GSD to families all over the world over the years, reading, watching, learning, training, etc... has taught me a lot and with that allows me to offer the best family companion we can produce.   We are not prejudice with color or coat type and have the same philosophy that our Breed founder Max Von Stephanitz has, "No Good Dog is a bad color". Working vs Companion - which 'type' of GSD is right for what you are looking for?? *Working dogs need an occupation, they have a strong drive and want to be doing something all the time.  Their eagerness to please is fueled by ambition.  This is the type of shepherd for police departments, search & rescue, agility, obedience title seekers, or therapy dogs.    Many imported dogs are this type, so, know what you are getting! These working line bred dogs do not make perfect pets. *Companion dogs are more laid back, they still have drive to please and work, but on a much more manageable level that makes them more suitable for family life.   This is the type of shepherd that most American families are seeking and should get.   This is the dog that once adopted, the family would not give a million dollars in return for them! So be sure to let us know the type of German Shepherd you are looking for. Please know when you inquire about a puppy I will ask what 'type' of GSD you are looking for.  I will ask what other animals you have or are thinking of having, the ages of your children, and what you hope your adult GSD will be for you as an adult.   Then once I get to know what it is you are looking for in your fur friend we can then discuss coat type, coat color, body style, size etc.... The most important thing to discuss first is what you are expecting of your new fur friend. My website and facebook pages are kept fairly current and on the website there is a guest book (first page) that many (over 150+) have signed and left their opinions of the puppy they received from us.  Also referred to as our 'references'.    There are also links that cover the various colors that are in my breeding program and have been for years.   I am easy to talk to, easy to work with, no dictating, easy warranty/sales contract.   Fair/Realistic prices.  The purchase information page is important to check out as it explains how to purchase a puppy from us.   The available puppies page has prices listed as well.  We have various litters throughout the year.   

Kennel Name: K9-Pines

Breeder Name: Melisa Smith

Breeding for: 24 years.

Website: K9-PINES.COM

Breeder's Location: Saluda, NC 28773

Contact By Phone: 828-691-9720

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I provide AKC individual dog registration applications to the puppy buyer.


I will provide a written bill of sale detailing responsibilities for the buyer and the seller.


I will provide the puppy buyer with information about socialization, exercise, training, feeding, immunizations, proper veterinary care, and responsible dog ownership.


I provide a health guarantee for the puppies I sell.


I have been breeding for: +20 years

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