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Breeder Info: Imperial Dreams Chow Chows

Breed(s): Chow Chow

"Simply Royalty", is more than a mantra, here at Imperial Dreams Chow Chows it is a commitment to quality that involves a high standard of excellence. Our breeding stock has been carefully selected with great care and attention to detail. Always keeping our breed standard in mind, our first consideration is given to temperament. With a friendly, outgoing, confident and effervescent personality a dog is able to function properly in any environment. We want our dogs to be a joy for everyone who meets them to be around, everywhere they go. The next thing we look for is an eager to please expression with a clear, kind eye that exudes presence and intelligence with a look at me attitude. The neck should be upright, set high out of the withers, of good length and have its base well set up on the top of a deep and broad chest. The front legs should be set well apart, preferably able to accommodate a generous hands width or more in between them, supported by straight, sturdy legs, with upright pasterns, cat-like feet and substantial bone. The back should be broad, short and muscular having a high set tail carried tightly to the back. The top line should be flat and the withers should be visibly above the level of the croup. The body should have substance, well sprung ribs and have balance of substance from front to rear. We like our chows to be short-coupled with good muscling through out the rear and straight hind legs that are equal in bone and substance to the front leg. Shoulder angle and a strait rear along with correct conformation and balance are crucial to produce the proper stilted movement that chows are famous for. We are constantly striving to produce social, correct, fertile and healthy individuals from top American and European bloodlines that are Ambassadors to our breed, a joy to be around and competitive at shows anywhere in the world. Imperial Dreams Chow Chows , "Simply Royalty" for over a decade.


Kennel Name: Imperial Dreams Chow Chows

Breeder Name: John LaFleur

Breeding for: 15 years.


Breeder's Location: Leslie, MI 49251

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I provide AKC individual dog registration applications to the puppy buyer.


I am a member of an AKC Parent Club.


I am a member of an AKC Specialty Club.


I am a member of an AKC licensed or AKC member all-breed club.

I am a member of Acadiana Kennel Club, Inc.


My dogs compete in AKC events: Conformation

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