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Breeder Info: The House of Bleus and Harlequins Too

Breed(s): Great Dane

Cedar Ridge Ranch, home of the House of Bleus & Harlequins Too is located just outside of Austin, Texas on 125 acres where our Great Danes roam, swim and play at their leisure. We are dedicated to faith, family, and improving the overall quality of the Great Dane breed. One promise you will receive from us is that we will ALWAYS exemplify the utmost integrity in all we do; we will be honest with you with any and all questions you may have and most importantly, be here for you and your family throughout the life of your dog.  We ALWAYS keep in touch with the buyers of our sweet Danes...via email, phone, Twitter, Facebook or our Blogger site.  With that in mind, please feel free to contact us at any time. ~Erin Mills, Owner Email:  A little more about us and why we do what we do... Many have asked through the years why we have chosen Danes as our favorite breed and I have thought about it often. In the past few years especially, the answer became crystal clear....there is NO other breed like that of a Great Dane. Their temperament is loving, kind, compassionate, sensitive and loyal. Yes, other dogs have these traits, but there is something about looking into the eyes of a Dane and TRULY seeing everything they are thinking and feeling. When our family went through an incredibly difficult trauma a few years back, it was our Danes that helped my children emotionally. They ate, slept, and went everywhere with our children. For that reason, we decided to train them as service and therapy dogs. Because of the trauma we faced, these dogs became lifelines to sanity at times. When you just couldn't explain to anyone how you were feeling, all you had to do was look up and there were the eyes of one of our 4-legged sweeties wanting a hug AND knowing that we needed one too. When we decided to begin breeding, our focus was on that of giving back. Our Danes had given us so much and we wanted to share that type of experience with others. We also wanted to provide puppies to donate to service trainers and the families in desperate need of the services they provide. And since my son's service dog passed away last year, we wanted to provide a that came from our own home and we knew about the health and temperament. It is easy to purchase a dog from just anyone, but honestly, there are so many out there for the money and NOT the true dedication of the breed. At the end of the day, it's about giving back. A portion of our proceeds go to both charities supporting service dogs and that of the local shelters. We have had COUNTLESS foster and adopted dogs raised in our home. It is unfortunate that there are those out there that do not spay and neuter their pets and are irresponsible in letting them be bred, only to dump them somewhere on the side of the road or at a shelter. We will always take back one of our puppies if one of our buyer's can no longer care for their dog....every good breeder will do the same! We want the best for these pets and strive to ensure they go to the very best homes. The price of a well-bred Dane is priceless! They will provide you with the same love, affection, dedication, and loyalty they have provided my family...that is why we screen each one of our buyers. We want to make sure they are going to a loving home. I can't wait to meet the new families of our next litter of puppies! Our girls are absolutely the most amazing dogs I have ever had the blessing of having in my life and they will no doubt give that same kind of attention to you when he/she comes into your life. ~Erin Website:  Facebook:  Cell: 713-417-1345 Facebook:


Kennel Name: The House of Bleus and Harlequins Too

Breeder Name: Erin Mills

Breeding for: 2 years.


Breeder's Location: Fulshear, TX 77441

Contact By Phone: 713-417-1345

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I provide AKC individual dog registration applications to the puppy buyer.


I am a member of an AKC Parent Club.

I am a member of Great Dane Club of America, Inc.


I am a member of an AKC Specialty Club.

I am a member of Great Dane Club of Greater Houston, Inc.


I am a member of an AKC licensed or AKC member all-breed club.

I am a member of American Kennel Club, USA


The applicable health screens have been performed on the sire and dam as recommended by the Parent Club for this breed.


I will provide a written bill of sale detailing responsibilities for the buyer and the seller.


If the puppy buyer cannot keep a puppy purchased from me, I will take the puppy back under all conditions.


I will provide the puppy buyer with information about socialization, exercise, training, feeding, immunizations, proper veterinary care, and responsible dog ownership.


I provide a health guarantee for the puppies I sell.


I permanently identify all my breeding stock by microchip or tattoo.


After my puppies are permanently identified, I enroll them in AKC Reunite.


My dogs compete in AKC events: Conformation, Obedience


I have been breeding for: 1-5 years

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