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Breed(s): English Springer Spaniel

My next KayNDee litter will be Fall 2017. Ch KayNDee's "A Mighty Fine Shindig" CGC, RAE, Barn Hunt, and working towards more... contact the co-owner Ann Hulsey who will be raising this litter for me : 814-342-2757 Puppies should go into family homes in December ! Ann also has Champion "Anara" who was bred to a Connor son, Grand Champion KayNDee Bushwhacked-he also has many great performance tittles and is working in agility right now! Both litters will make fabulous family companions and are wonderful with children. Ann has many grand-kids who play with her 4 springers constantly!! All lap dogs. All sleep on the bed ! Kaylee is a "Connor" daughter: We are really looking for families who want a family companion. This is alos a litter that would be excellent for AKC events..from basic obedience to dock diving, agility, rally barn hunting and so much more, of course this litter will be "show quality" and will easily finish their championships, if that is your pleasure. She will be bred to Champion "Carson" Ch KayNDee's The Man In Charge At Whitestone !! he is a Jesse James ( 2 time National Winner) and "James" Felicity Diamond Jim who won Best In Show at the 2006 Westminster KC!! All of these dogs are mushy on-the-lap house dogs... we do not have a 'kennel'- they all sleep in our beds and then go out and do AKC events for fun with their owners! Hi I'm deb kirk. I have been breeding, training, hunting and showing my KayNDee English Springer Spaniels for over 50 years. Both my sister Kathy Kirk & I chose to "do dogs" full time and it's now become a family legacy. Although I have had over 300 AKC Champions, and 6 Best In Show dogs, my primary interest has always been, just having a great dog to live with. They all sleep in my bed and watch TV from our laps. I began at age 10, as an obedience trainer with many High In Trial obedience dogs, and at age 15 I knew I wanted to do this full time, so I apprenticed under Robert A, Fisher to become a PHA Show Handler. After a wondrous 17 year career, I settled down in my home town of York, Pa to raise my son. I "went off the road" and opened One of the Top Pet Grooming Shops in Pennsylvania "Merchant of the Month ! " ( Where I can stay home 24/7 with my dogs running loose by my side. I believe in ALL Springers being Home Companions 1st, and then "working dogs" or AKC performance dogs second. I will not sell any puppy to a kennel or to anyone who has a "kennel run" in their backyard. Springers must be indoor house pets--and more importantly they simply want to be wherever you are. They could enjoy a 3 mile hike, a run on the beach, or sleeping in your lap at home. My dogs also love Therapy work at local assisted care centers and hospitals, I have several Therapy dogs that serve my community. Please visit my web sight to see my dogs. ALL of my litters are home raised and I am with them 24/7. They get a lot of socialization and all of my puppy people rave about how smart they are and that they are housebroken in just 2 weeks, because I begin that process at my home. I have dedicated my entire life to this breed. I am an AKC Judge, I founded The Susquehanna Valley ESS Club- one of the largest AKC Springer Clubs in America. I did the "Top Breeder" TV Commercial for Pedigree 1989-90, with my KND Springers ( and ( . I have had the pleasure of having many wonderful dogs, including Westminster KC winners, and I had the #1 Show Springer in the US in 2007. After his "show career" I brought him home and then put titles on him every year. He became The Most Accomplished #1 ESS in history. Grand Champion Cerise KayNDee Return of the King CGC, TDI, THD, BN, CD, RN, RA, WD, WDX, Junior Hunter. This year, 2016, I am very proud of my Champion Master Hunter "Kiera" who became an ESSFTA Versatile Springer of the Year because of all the many AKC titles we did together. This is a very rare honor in our breed and I am very proud that I have such beautiful dogs that make wonderful home companions, they love kids, and they are smart enough to be magnificent performance dogs in whatever venue You may choose for them. A Champion Connor son "Striker" recently got his Dock Diving title! Springers Love to have a job !! so get one to love and cherish--but remember they live to Please You. Go out and "do" something with your springer and both of you will have the time of your life!! I know I have-for over 50 years. PS: Springer Love to live in "2's" 2 Springer are MUCH easier than one. If they have another dog, then they have a "buddy" to hang out with, and they won't be so clingy to you for attention. As a single dog they've often been called a "Velcro Dog" because they have to be with you every minute of the day. If you have a 2 dog family then your springer won't worry so much when you leave the house, and they live a happier and more settled life. Just a thought! But I have many many KND Springers as single dogs, in homes and they are wonderful... in many cases I have families who are on their 3rd generation of KND dogs! They wouldn't have it any other way..

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Kennel Name: Deb Kirk KayNDee

Breeder Name: Deb Kirk

Breeding for: 48 years.


Breeder's Location: York, PA 17403

Contact By Phone: 814-342-2757

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I provide AKC individual dog registration applications to the puppy buyer.


I am a member of an AKC Parent Club.

I am a member of English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association, Inc.


I am a member of an AKC Specialty Club.

I am a member of Susquehanna Valley English Springer Spaniel Club


I am a member of an AKC licensed or AKC member all-breed club.

I am a member of York Kennel Club


My dogs compete in AKC events: Conformation, Agility, Performance, Obedience, Tracking

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