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Breeder Info: Chris Bowen

Breed(s): German Shepherd Dog

Hi  My name is Chris Bowen. I am a new breeder of imported German Shepard dogs. I currently have a male and a female, imported from Slovakia. The sires of both hold world champion ipo titles. I am in the process of importing another female from the same exporter hoping to get her in the next 3months. This female will be an ipo titled dog. I am an ex police dog handler. I worked my dog on the street for 10 years. He was a Belgian malinus, with all the right drives. With this experience I am putting in a new training field behind my house in a 3 acre peice of ground we own. I am planning to breed high drive dogs and train them in obedeance for there new owners. More training is avelable upon request. We own 80 acres in the country so there is plenty of good places for clean dirt tracking in the fall and spring. Also very good places to exercise and train dogs. 

Kennel Name: Chris Bowen

Breeder Name: Chris Bowen

Breeder's Location: Malad City, ID 83252

Contact By Phone: 208 221-5881

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I provide AKC individual dog registration applications to the puppy buyer.

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