Marketplace for Breeders

General FAQ

Why did we change Online Breeder Classifieds to AKC Marketplace?

Marketplace makes significant upgrades to the way you reach prospective puppy owners:

  • You can now add photos and videos to showcase how adorable your puppies are (because who doesn’t love puppy pictures).
  • All breeders have a personal page to showcase their breeding program and achievements. Before prospective buyers see your litter listing, they have to learn about you first.
  • Each listing has its own page, making it easy to share on Facebook and other social networks.


What is the pricing structure for AKC Marketplace?

If you only want to advertise when you have a litter available, you can purchase a 90-day litter listing for $29 during Online Litter Registration.

We also offer an optional subscription if you would like to promote yourself and your breeding program even when you don’t have any available litters. The below subscription options allow you to keep your main breeder page and connect with prospective puppy owners all year long (you can also cancel at any time if you’d like). If you select either of these subscription options, they both come with unlimited listings as well:

  • Monthly Subscription: $20 sign-up fee + $10 per month w/ unlimited listings
  • Yearly Subscription: $99 yearly fee w/ unlimited listings


How will puppy buyers find Marketplace listings?

The way puppy buyers find listings will not change. When they search on or conduct a browser search, they will be sent to Marketplace and shown applicable results.

I want my information to be seen on Marketplace even when I don’t have a litter; can I do that?

Yes. If you select one of our subscription plans even when you don’t have a litter available, you will still show up in search results. Additionally, you can also let customers know when you are expecting your next litter through our Future Listing feature. You can select one of our subscription plans on the Account page.

I paid $99 for a subscription when the first version of Marketplace was launched but asked for a refund; what happens next?

All of the information, images and videos you uploaded are saved under your account. Because you were refunded however, your page will not be live on the site until you purchase a listing for a litter or pay for a subscription.

Why am I not under the Breeder of Merit or Bred with H.E.A.R.T. category?

In order to be identified as an AKC Breeder of Merit or Bred with H.E.A.R.T. participant in Marketplace, you must have applied and been accepted into the program. If you have already been accepted into one of those programs, make sure you are using the My AKC account that you used during the application process. If you’re properly logged in and are still having issues, please contact our Customer Service department at 919-233-9767 or

If I breed more than one breed, do I need to have separate accounts for each?

No. During set-up for your breeder page, you are able to choose Applicable Breeds, which is where you can indicate all that apply. Any litter you register and chose to list in Marketplace will be associated to your one account. It is very important however, that as you go through Online Litter Registration you are logged in with the same account no matter the breed.

Why is the status of my page ‘inactive’?

Your Marketplace page is inactive because your litter listing has expired and you do not have a paid subscription. You can check your account's billing status in your Account page under the Billing & Payments section

I never got instructions on how to activate my listing in Marketplace. What do I do?

Once your litter registration is approved, you will receive a confirmation email that includes all of your litter information and instructions for activating your Marketplace listing. Make sure to check your spam folder and if you still cannot find it, please contact Customer Service at


Help With Listings

How do I add pictures or videos to my listing?

Once you're logged into Marketplace, go to the Manage Listings page and click the "Edit" button next to your listing. Click the Photos & Video tab, which is where you can begin uploading images to your listing. If you upload more than one, you are able to indicate the Primary image, which will be your main image.

Why do I have to enter my litter registration number, dam registration number and dam cert issue date into Marketplace?

If you have been asked to enter your litter’s information it’s because you have not created an account with AKC and we’re unable to automatically transfer your litter data directly into Marketplace. Once you’ve created an account and entered the three fields, you will not have to go through this process again as you are logged in during Online Litter Registration.

If I have a Marketplace subscription, how do I receive my free litter listings?

Once you’ve purchased a subscription in Marketplace and go through Online Litter Registration, our system will know to not charge you the listing fee. Always opt-in during the registration process, as you will see no charge on the confirmation page.

I am an AKC Breeder of Merit; how do I receive my free listings?

When you are going through Online Litter Registration be sure you are logged in and our system will know to not charge you the listing fee. Always opt-in during the registration process, but notice you will see no charge on the confirmation page.